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Straight Secrets Surprise Box - 4 Pieces

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Up for a little excitement and an amazing deal all wrapped up in one pretty box?

Straight Secrets Surprise Boxes are just that! Carefully curated pieces just for you, creating that exciting suspense waiting to find out what secret pieces are in your box!

We want you to love what you receive so we want to get to know you and your style a little bit better with providing you some choices such as style and colour preferences!

This Straight Secrets Surprise Box is for at least 4 pieces and are valued no less than $250!  These items are final sale, but at such a great deal for a minimum of four pieces chosen just for you!  These items can include shirts, pants or jeans, sweaters, dresses, jackets and even accessories at a minimum retail value of at least $250!!

So go ahead, choose your size, your style & your colour preference and get excited to receive your specially chosen-just-for-you pieces!

Feel free to include more details in the instructions section of the check out too!

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Our shop is in SLC, UT