About Us

Hi there! My name is Allison Dupré, my friends call me Alli, so please, call me Alli! Here's a little background on my small little boutique!

Straight & Arrow Boutique was created through a desire for something new, something different, something unique and with a continued urging to serve others in a way that I feel called.  With a career as a professional portrait photographer since 2006, I felt lead to branch out and change things up!

With a gorgeous studio right on my acreage just south of the small hamlet of Plamondon, Alberta I had the perfect location for a boutique.  After months of research, travel, lots and lots of learning, finding the perfect inventory for you and converting the studio into the boutique it is now, this desire has become a reality.  My dream was to make it a place of beauty and comfort.  I want my customers to feel in awe when they walk in the door.  A place to relax, take off your shoes and feel like you have gotten away with no hustle and bustle.  Just a place to shop and take in the senses.  

I wanted to sell clothing and accessories that are quality, yet affordable.  To appeal to people who appreciate value, want to look good, but at the same time stay real in whatever it is their lives call them to do.  Whether it is to work outside the home, stay home with your children, go on a date or to a party, my hope is you will find exactly what you will need here in the boutique.

To make it even more personal, I LOVE supporting local myself so I try to stock some locally made products that compliment the boutique and that you'll love!

Overall, I believe God has gifted me with this opportunity and I look forward to serving Him by serving you.  I pray you know this the minute you walk in the door, or browse through our online store and feel relaxed and taken care of.

Allison sitting smiling at the camera