Humble Boutique Beginnings

Who would have ever thought that I would turn professional portrait photographer to clothing boutique owner?  Yet, this is real, this is right now, it's happened!

Most of you might have seen my IGTV on Instagram or the video on my photography page explaining just where this all started. (You can see it here, if you missed it) In either case, this dream was born last fall when I was getting tired, as I usually do that time of year in my business.  As you can imagine, summer and fall are the busiest times for a portrait photographer and that time was no different.  My body was tired, my brain was tired and I was wondering what I will do when I physically couldn't do photography any more.  The studio that my husband built me was beautiful and I knew that I couldn't just give up on all that went into such a beautiful space.  It was fun just to come up with ideas, thinking on the future which I thought would be in 2-3 years.  When I came up with the idea of a clothing boutique, I found myself intrigued and doing research only to realize that doors were seeming to open and things were happening.  This dream was going to become a reality fast!

One thing led to another, selling off of photography studio equipment and props started happening.  Designing a new space was taking place.  Clothing brands were being researched and my mind was enjoying every minute!

During all of this, not wanting to get ahead of myself and stay grounded in reality, I prayed and asked God where He wanted me in this.  How this idea that was becoming real could serve Him.  I believe He has me here for His purpose and I believe that purpose is to serve you.

To me this looked like providing clothing to fit all budgets and styles which is where the hand-thrifted and consignment idea came in.  This just seemed to fit with how I wanted this to look and how I felt led.  Finding brand name clothing in excellent condition to pass on to you both through my own finding, travelling all over to thrift stores and going through every item of every size.  Then cleaning, steaming and making it look as thought it is brand new, just for you!

Consignment is also an area that I thought could benefit our community, as I know there are people with beautiful, like new, brand name clothing that is just sitting in their closet.  This provides you with the opportunity to clean out and sell it in one place, where people are already looking!  It also allows the funds to build up into a larger payout then just selling 1 item at a time.  It also may be used as an in store credit, so you can be constantly changing things up with your wardrobe and having fun with new and different clothing!

I definitely wanted to offer new clothing lines as well.  This is to accommodate various sizes and options.  Also for those looking for something specific, knowing it will be in your size!  I am so excited to receive my first shipment in soon!  Unfortunately with these times being so unprecedented and uncertain due to the COVID 19 pandemic, things have been a little delayed in this area of the boutique, but it will come!

There's the background!

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girl looking down with necklace on