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Printed Mask Bandana

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Multi-wear mask/bandana for all our mask needs in this world, whether mandatory to wear or just for our own peace of mind.  Living in the north country also means they can be worn for the all terrain riding we do here, to keep from eating dust! Or if you just need to push your hair back for the day!

Printed in either inside out leopard, or mocha floral

One Size, stretchy fabric that will stay and not slip

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex



The majority of our boutique items are sourced and made in China, Vietnam, Guatamala and India. However most are designed in Canada and the USA. Whenever possible we also try to source items made in North America.

Sizes are all variant on brand and make. Each item includes the sizing in the product's description.

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Please allow 5-10 business days through Canada Post.

Our boutique is located in Plamondon, Alberta, Canada and all orders are shipped from this location.