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Pozy Dress by Ragwear

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The vegan POZY dress is perfect for a casually elegant look. The overcut, shorter, flowy sleeves give the dress an effortless yet elegant look. The soft material made from a blend of modal and polyester ensures a comfortable fit. The fabric belt sewn into the side at the waist allows you to emphasise your figure as you wish. The straight hem below the knee and the large rounded v neckline with gathering detail, round off the design.

Dark Grey, looks almost Navy

• Casually elegant dress with flowy style short sleeves
• Soft blend of materials made of modal and polyester
• Long fabric waist belt to enhance your figure however you like
• Large rounded v neckline with gathered detailing

  • Total length: 115 cm for size S
  • Arm length: 32 cm for size S
  • True to size

    68% Modal 32% Polyester




    The majority of our boutique items are sourced and made in China, Vietnam, Guatamala and India. However most are designed in Canada and the USA. Whenever possible we also try to source items made in North America.

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