5 Ways to Get (& Stay) Motivated

There are definitely days that I struggle to accomplish anything and then there are days when I amaze myself at what I was able to get done!

I'm sure you can relate as there are so many factors that contribute to both! Just being tired for whatever reason, feeling down or just overwhelmed are probably some common reasons for not being motivated. Whereas feeling excited and energetic or even having a deadline can get a butt in gear to get things done!

I find these 5  main things I try to do daily really help me to keep a realistic amount of motivation.

1. ROUTINE! Starting my day with a routine has created healthy habits that help me to feel accomplished within the first hour of getting up. Knowing right off the bat what I have to do really gets me going. It took a bit of time to create the habit, but I LOVE that it's set now! For me the routine is a 20-30 minute workout in my basement following a program that is at my level which starts with a 4 minute run on the treadmill to warm up. (Hint, this is my TikTok or Instagram reels time, the entertainment helps!) Also, working out before breakfast motivates me knowing that I get breakfast after! Who doesn't love a little food motivation!

2. DEVOTIONALS! Every morning during and after breakfast I take time to be in my faith through reading scripture and a devotional to tie the word into my everyday. This reminds me of the truth and centres me in my values for the day. Nothing motivates a person more than knowing they have a purpose in every single day!

3. GETTING DRESSED! Haha, you knew I'd incorporate some sort of style into motivation! 😘 But it's sooo true! Put on something that you feel great in! Even if it's leggings or joggers! Honestly most of my days are in joggers! When I pair it with a crewneck, I feel comfy, but unmotivated. But when paired with a fitted tank and a jean jacket or cardigan and jewelry, I feel comfy AND pretty. It might seem crazy, but it's motivating!

4. MAKE A LIST! Write out everything that you know needs to be done both in the day and in general. Sometimes something that you've put off can actually be done in a matter of minutes and then you get to cross it off the list! Probably one of the most satisfying things to me is to cross things off! Seeing that motivates me to keep going so I get to cross off the next thing! 

5. SERVE SOMEONE IN LOVE! Send a text, call someone or sit down with your spouse and connect. Ask about their day, put yourself aside and truly be present with someone who has been on your heart. We get pretty caught up in our day to day that we end up putting this off. But it really does inspire and motivate you because when you love someone else by taking the time for them, you feel good in return. So bless and be blessed! 

These are simple things that you can do every day to help you get and stay motivated, but know that it's ok to have a day where you're not for whatever reason. Give yourself the grace that God gives you.

Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. John 1:16