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Chocolicious - Oreos

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Tempt your tastebuds with Chocolate Covered Licorice!

Some say it's a peculiar combo until they taste our decadent treat, then it's too late, they're hooked!

Yes, this is exactly what this says it is... Milk Chocolate covered Oreo cookies!!
Choco-licious launched in 2012 and continues to be a small, local family owned and operated business.  Made in Sherwood Park, Alberta!

We started Choco-licious because...well.. We have an obsession with candy!  Not just any candy!  Those who know us will tell you, we are a bit METICULOUS, so our ingredients are of the highest quality, prepared in a spotless environment, presented in a fun and appealing way, with unique new products introduced regularly. 

Since we started, our highly addictive products have become popular, sought after favorites for everyone.  It doesn't matter if you're two or ninety-two, once you taste one of our Choco-licious treats, you're hooked!


our shop is in SLC, UT

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Our shop is in SLC, UT